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Industrial wastes utilizing

Rescue Service Company renders the services to utilize industrial waste products of 1 - 5 danger categories as follows: chemical pollution cleaning, transportation and escort of dangerous cargo, recycling and recovery works. License 77 # 006925127 dated 2-nd of July, 2004.

  1. Works with chemical pollutions. Utilizing:
    • Surplus stock (cyanides, pesticides).
    • Waste products of the metal plating, instrument making, paint and varnish industry.
    • Used oil, oil products mixture, greasing, filters, padding polyester and other filter content, lubrication-cooling liquids, various solvents (including chlorine compounds), dry-cleaning slimes, batteries and electrolytes.

  2. Transportation and escort of the dangerous cargo.

  3. Works with mercury pollutions.
    • Detection of mercury reeks in the living and industrial spaces.
    • Elimination of mercury pollutions in the living and industrial spaces and outdoor territories.
    • Mercury surplus stock (corrosive sublimate) utilizing.
    • Luminous tube lamps utilizing.

  4. Utilizing of the containers for chlorine and other toxic agents (charged and discharged).
    • The breakdown refrigerators with ammonia condensers withdrawal.

  5. Other waste utilizing works.

There are no list of services and fixed prices. It is going to be considered with client individually and calculated according to the special design procedures including the cost of equipment, reagents and protective devices.