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Аварийно-спасательная служба №1 Аварийно-спасательная служба №1 Call us: +7 495 212-92-97

Search-and-rescue detached force
(Rescue party)

Only certified and well-experienced rescuers serve in the Search-and-rescue detached force. Rescue Service Company is fully completed with vehicles and equipped with specialized outfit.

Rescue Service Company is working on the ground of the Federal Act №151-FZ dated 22 August 1995 "About the Rescue Services and the rescuers status" and the Act of Moscow Government "About the defense of population and territories in case of natural and anthropogenic emergency situations" as amended №45, dated 14 September 2005.

To localize oil or poisonous chemical spills Rescue Service Company use dedicated foam plant. It provides a shielding of spilled spaces and prevents chemical evaporation by means of fixing a foam shield above spilled and polluted surfaces. This foam consists of an absorbent, which eliminates the pollutions from the surface of water and ground.

To instruct the population and staff what to do in case of emergency situations Rescue Service Company is organizing PR-actions within the bounds of the industrial security propaganda.