Resque works licence

Rescue service company №1

Rescue Service Limited Company is a professional rescue unit for the quick reaction service. It is a division of structure for the prevention of emergency situations and liquidation of their consequences. According Certificate 77 # 006925127 dated 2-nd of July, 2004 Rescue Service is authorized to hold the works when natural gas is leaking, firing or blowing up as well as to do some other urgent emergency works.

Rescue service structure

Rescue works

The main Rescue Service activities are the wrecking and expert care in emergency situations.

Rescue party

Members of Rescue Service are the experienced rescuers, having a serious practical experience.

Utilizing of wastes

RSC renders the services to utilize industrial waste products as follows: chemical pollution cleaning, transportation and escort of dangerous cargo.

Rescue Service

In emergency situations Rescue Service Company is aiding the plants and factories using the high-pressure equipment in corrosive mediums, including the poisonous substances. It holds all the range of services there in case of the catastrophe.
Rescue Service (RSC) is utilizing, recycling and burying the dangerous chemical wastes, such as weed and pest-killer chemicals, mercury and those threatening the environment. Many times RSC successfully took part in the elimination of mercury and other chemical pollutions in coordination with the representatives of regional Civilian Defense Staffs and Administrations for the emergency situations in Moscow. Rescue Service is collaborating with the main dumps and plants in Moscow area burying and recycling various chemical wastes.
Rescue Service Company managers used to find an individual approach serving the client. We are glad to deal with any person or organization asking for the assistance.